Wheat + Large Update

So I thought I'd finally have an MP3 post. And this one's a good one.

It's safe to say I've been insanely addicted to Wheat for the last month or so. Their brand of alt-country pop music is catchy, endearing, and unique. Wheat manages to stay true enough to their pop sensibilites to land songs on various movies soundtracks (including Elizabethtown and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton ), but also have that indie/alt-country charm of a band that hasn't been "tainted" by a major label or mainstream radio (although technically, they released Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second on Sony records).

MP3 Closer to Mercury (Live @ WBER)
MP3 Don't I Hold You (from Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second )
MP3 World United Already (Nude Version) (from Per Second... Demos)
MP3 Off the Pedestal (from Hope and Adams)

The rest of the "Nude" demos can be found here, along with a bunch of live shows and info. Wheat's official website is down/no longer in existance, so this site may be the only place to go for info.


NFL Draft talk continues, and thanks to my ESPN Insider membership I get all kinds of info, including Todd McShay's analysis of Omar Jacobs' early entry:
Omar Jacobs, QB, Bowling Green With his mobility, arm strength, size and accuracy, Jacobs flashed first-round potential as a first-year starter in 2004. He failed to build on that momentum during an injury-riddled and inconsistent junior campaign in 2005. Instead of returning for his senior season, Jacobs made the sizeable mistake of getting greedy. He'll wind up with decent money as a second- or third-round pick in 2006, but he could have made millions more in the 2007 draft if he had returned to form at Bowling Green next fall.
Well, I'd be lying if I said I disagree. With Omar's talent, he could have easily been a first round pick had he come back for a successful senior season. But, it also remains that BG is losing their top 2 receivers, their best running back (who was also a contributing receiver), and a few members from the offensive line. If he had been coming back to a great team, I'd say stay. But I think, overall, it's in his best interest to go this year. He could technically perform great in the combine and in private workouts and get taken in the second round.

This guy is an asshole. I would have done the same thing if I was Antonio Davis.

Duke faces off against Georgetown today. I can't say I'm a huge fan, but my girlfriend's influence has rubbed off on me some.

It's nice to see an athlete with some loyalty, even if I do hate Arsenal.

Gotta love the right.

So Much Silence has The National's WOXY performances up for download. (via)

Matisyahu has a couple of live shows up for download here, here, and here. This guy is amazing.(via)