Lets get this going again....

Alright, here we go again.

It's a new year and I have some new motivation to do this. Posting may not be everyday, but it'll be often enough.

This time around I'll most likely write a lot about sports, as well as music, movies, pop culture, politics, and whatever else floats my boat.

So I figure I might as well post now, seeing as how I'm here already.

Is anyone else disgusted with Steeler's fans? First, they harass Tommy Maddox (and his son), and now they're throwing rocks through a ref's window. Real classly there, Steeler's fans. Ok... so I'm still a little bitter about Kimo Von "Cheapshot" and Carson Palmer's knee. So shoot me.

It seems new Chief's headcoach Herman Edwards is off to a good start, naming Larry Johnson the starting running back. I'm predicting 2,100 yds and 30 rushing touchdowns next year for Johnson. I'd go out on a limb and call him the best back in the NFL if it weren't for LT and Shaun Alexander.

Since my Bengals are no longer in the playoffs, I'm already looking to the draft. There are quite a few notable early entries this year; primarily Vince Young and Reggie Bush. But also Lendale White, Maurice Drew, Mario Williams, Santonio Holmes, and Devin Hester. Also declaring was BGSU (where I go to school) QB Omar Jacobs. Right now he's projected in the 3rd or 4th round, but I think he could rise with a good showing at the combine. After all, anyone who throws for 41 TDS and 4 INT in a season has some talent. I'd love to see my Bengals pick him up in the later rounds, seeing as how Jon Kitna most likely won't be back. And we all know Craig Krenzel is not a #2 QB.

You Ain't No Picasso pointed out to me earlier that Page France has posted a new song on their MySpace. It's off their forthcoming EP Pear, which I can't for. And while you're at YANP, you might as well download Colin Meloy's performance on KEXP.

If you're a fan of Matt Pryor's work (aka The Get Up Kids, The Terrible Twos, and The New Amsterdams), head over to the New Ams' website to download an unreleased album (Killed or Cured) as well as a half dozen unreleased songs recorded recently. Some of them are great ("Heaven Sent," "Old Enough to Know Bitter," and "Suit Sacrifice" in particular).

If you're a Mac user (like me), MacUpdate is offering free year long memberships. But get there soon, as it'll end at the end of January.

And...Uh... freaky. (via)

On a final note, ignore that the layout looks like crap, I'm gonna be tinkering with it in the coming days.