I released today how I've been seriously neglecting this blog.

Bad Aaron. Bad.

But alas, this week and next are my only two weeks of "summer vacation," so posting will be extremely light. After that, however, things will return to normal.

In the mean time, I recommend the following blogs:

  • Largehearted Boy
  • My Old Kentucky Home
  • You Ain't No Picasso
  • *Sixeyes
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  • Songs: Illinois

  • All of these blogs have great taste in music and I'm sure will post some great stuff.


    Banjos are for Lovers

    So the other day I bought a banjo. Why? Because I'm cooler than you.

    Anyways, am I alone in my love for this wonderful instrument?

    So here, to celebrate my growing love for the banjo, here are a few prime selections... some serious and some (definitely) not.

    MP3 Sufjan Stevens - The Transfiguration (Live) (from Live Performance @ KEXP 10/13/04)
    MP3 Steve Martin - You Can't Sing a Sad Song While Playing The Banjo (from SNL)
    MP3 Stewie Griffin - Stewie's Banjo Song (from Family Guy)

    And since this piost was kind short, here's a few links to what's up in the blog world today:

    - My Old Kentucky Blog has pictures and info on last Thursday's Brenden Benson show with Robbers on High Street.

    - You Ain't No Picasso beat me to a post on the Great Lake Swimmers. Definitely check these guys out.

    - Stereogum is diggin the new Death Cab as well.

    - Brooklyn Vegan has an updated CMJ Performer list.

    - Gorilla vs. Bear has some great posts on Flake Music, Danger Doom, and on the Iron & Wine/Calexico split.

    - Useless Dolphins with Radars has some of the new DCfC tracks. I'd post some, but I'm a little uneasy about posting them this early. Major labels can be scary...


    Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

    So... after giving this a good few listens, I can honestly say that I enjoy this record. It's Transatlanticism-meets-The Postal Service.

    Here are some comments/thoughts on the new record:

    - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is easily one of the best songs Ben has ever written.
    - I like how they re-recorded "Stability." It sounds excellent.
    - It's a little short. Most songs clock in around 3:30... so multiply that by 11 and you have a relatively short record, especially when compared to the epic Transatlanticism.
    [EDIT] I guess I should clarify a little. They are both about the same length, time-wise, but Plans feels very disjointed and brief. I like most of the songs, It just doesn't doesn't flow as well, at least when compared to the (IMO much better) Transatlanticism.
    - Highlights are the afformentioned "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," "Brothers on a Hotel Bed," Marching Bands of Manhattan," "Someday You Will Be Loved," and "Summer Skin."
    - Lowlights are the blase' "Soul Meet's Body" and oddly grating "Crooked Teeth".
    - Ben's falsetto seems a little overused.
    - Despite what some people think, I think the production sounds great. Chris Walla is a great producer and I think it shows. Ben's voice is a little hidden/muddy at times, but it's all good to me.

    Overall, it's not my favorite by DCfC, but it's enjoyable. It does make me excited for a new Postal Service though...

    Anyone have any thoughts/comments?