Bach Cello Suites

So the last two days have seen new highs in hits (over 1,200) and page views (over 2,600). This is great news, except for the fact that my bandwidth has gone from 27% used to 83% used in two days. Yea, so that's not very good. Due to this, I've taken down the Sufjan Stevens show @ Judson College and the new Death Cab song. The Death Cab song is up on Rapidshare and the Judson College show will be up soon as well. Sorry about all this, but those are the two things killing my bandwidth, and I need to squeak by on just a few GB of bandwidth for the next few days.

Also, I'm going to start only keeping things up for about a week or so. I'll keep important things up for a long time (like the Sufjan Stevens stuff and for now, the National Live @ KEXP), so don't worry about stuff like that.

But anyways, on to today's post:

Ok, so this is a little different than usual, but that's a good thing right? As some of you may know, I love classical music. It's amazing and is way to underappreciated by people my age (late teens, early twenties). Everyone has their focus on the indie scene or hip/hop or country, and just ignores the beauty of classical music. Most of you should know by know that I love the cello. It's an amazing instrument with a gorgeous and powerfully emotional sound. So, needless to say, classical music + cello = awesome. And thats where today's entry comes in. Here are a few of my favorite Bach cello pieces performed by the amazing Yo-Yo Ma. These works are somber and haunting, giving off an unnerving amount of emotion for only being performed by a single cello. Definitely an example of beautiful classical music.

From The Cello Suites: Inspired by Bach
MP3 Suite No. 2, Prelude
MP3 Suite No. 3, Gigue
MP3 Suite No. 5 in C Minor - Allemande

You can buy some wonderful music by Yo-Yo Ma here.



I'm really suprised it took me so long to get into Castanets. I mean, after all, they are on the same the label as the great Sufjan Stevens. Castanets is what I'd call "raw," but not in the sense that his talent has yet to be developed. In fact, that's far from the case. His vocals are pushed and stressed, yet stray from being grating or harsh. He sings the way you'd expect to hear a blues singer sing, stressing the emotion behind the voice, rather then the talent of the voice itself. His songs have the same folk/country-inspired eclectic innocence that labelmate Sufjan Steven posseses, giving off a universal sense of Americana that sounds perfect. Vocally, he sometimes sounds a little like Devendra Banhart and by the looks of his Sam Beam-ish beard, there's something about the Grizzly Adams look that makes you a lot cooler and more talented then everyone else. Its times like these that I wish I had facial hair...

From Cathedral
MP3 Three Days Four Nights
MP3 No Light To Be Found (Fare Thee Faith, The Path Is Yours)

More info is here.


A Brief Update...

Sorry for the server woes... everything is back up again and hopefully it'll stay that way.

I've been really busy the last few days and have my attention elsewhere, so I'll keep this one short. Tomorrow should see the start of normal posting again.

Also, make sure you check out the new Death Cab for Cutie song I posted, it's really pretty good. Definitely better than "Soul Meets Body."

So here are a few random songs I'm really digging.

MP3 Xn - Vito's Ordination Song (Live)(Sufjan Stevens' Cover)

MP3 Marzuki - No One Likes a Nervous Wreck (from No One Likes a Nervous Wreck)

MP3 Matt Pond PA - Grave's Disease (Live) (From live performance at KEXP)

There ya go... just a quick update. More to come tomorrow.


Just to let everyone know, my server is down at the moment... so bear with me.

[UPDATE 3:10AM] - Still down... A Small Orange is still working on the issue, so hopefully it'll all be back up by the morning.

[UPDATE 3:23AM] - Everything is back up. Enjoy.

[UPDATE 6:02PM] - Server is down again...


New Death Cab Song

Sorry for the lack of updates the last 2 days, but I have a great gift...

OK.. so hosting this file has helped kill my bandwidth (like 8GB in 2 days...), so I'm taking it down. I uploaded it to rapidshrare.. so feel free to get it from there. Here's the link:

MP3 Marching Bands of Manhattan (VIA RAPIDSHARE)


Personally... I really like it. It's really charming...


Sundays are for Science!

I have no idea why I titled my post "Sundays are for Science!."

I thought I'd do something special for my 50th post, but I really don't have the energy to. I was going to post Sufjan Stevens' performance for KEXP that aired yesterday, but I don't have to time or energy to do so. Look for it tomorrow morning.

So I'll cut this post short with a song that I've been listening to a lot:

MP3 Page France - "We Remain as Two"

This song is so incredibly charming... I just can't describe it.