I had a psuedo-request for this great band.. so I thought I'd post on them.

Fronted by the amazing Rocky Votolato, this folk/rock band is easily one of the most emotional and driving bands I've ever heard. Rocky's tradmark raspy voice gives these guys so much power. Lyrically, the songs don't vary much from the folky storytelling of Votolato's solo work, but that's definitely not a negative. Songs like "One for the Ride" are incredibly emotional and soaring, kind of like a wonderful mix of Rocky Votolato's solo work with a harder, more grating U2. This is a wonderful, wonderful band.

MP3 Deadly Wisdom (from For Madmen Only)
MP3 All My Prophets (from One for the Ride)
MP3 One for the Ride (from One for the Ride)
MP3 Colour (from Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns)
MP3 Laboratory (from Intervention: Collection + Remix)
MP3 The Gift of Light (Live) (from KEXP Performance)

It seems like their website is down, but they have a nice page over at Better Propaganda.