If you're from the Northern part of Ohio or Southern Michigan, there's a good chance you've heard of synth-rock band Stylex. For those of you not "in the know," think Thunderbirds are Now! meets The Faint. Their live show is famous in the area, with a suprisingly tolerable high energy, "I'm so much fuckin' cooler than you" style. Thier not for everyone, and I feel like I dirty scentster for even posting about these guys, but I figured some of you might like them (it kind of sounds like I don't, but alas, I do). Their nothing spectacular, but enjoyable if you like The Faint, Thunderbirds are Now!, or any 80's flavored dance/pop.

MP3 Out of Focus (Thunderbirds are Now! Mix) (from Potential Infection)
MP3 The Best News (goLAB Mix) (from Potential Infections)
MP3 Wiggle While You Work It (from Out of Focus)
MP3 False Start (from False Start)
MP3 In$ider (from False Start)

They've got a MySpace and a neat little website.

Ah... it feels good to be back.