Quick Update...

Sorry for the absense. School has started which has resulted in me being extremely busy with all kinds of stuff. So until I have time to do a real post (which will hopefully be quite soon), here's a brief blurb on stuff I've been diggin' lately:

Half-Handed Cloud As labelmates of Sufjan Stevens and Castanets, this one man band often gets overlooked. Well, he shouldn't. Combining eclectic musical seizures with strange, often funny lyrics, Half-Handed Cloud is definitely one of the most unique and interesting artists I've ever heard. I picked up Learning About You Scale when I was in Boston recently and it's gotten quite a bit of playtime on my iPod. You should definitely check him out if you're into the great stuff AK has to offer, or if you're a fan of The Danielson Famile or Castanets.

MP3 Animals are Cut in Two (from Thy Is a Word & Feet Need Lamps)

Also, I'd recommend everyone check out Matt Pond PA, Final Fantasy, and Page France.

I have a really cool post planned for sometime this week... so make sure you check back for that.