New Sufjan Stevens Song

So I'm guessing most of you Sufjan-ites have gotten wind of the Rubber Soul tribute album heading our way this fall. Well, Sufjan Stevens contributed a track to the album: "What Goes On."

It's up for stream here.

Or if you prefer an mp3:

MP3 What Goes On (VIA RAPIDSHARE -- >Follow Link to Download.)

[EDIT]:So aparently some people might be confused by Rapidshare. Right now (10:31pm EST) is "happy hours" at Rapidshare. Meaning that there are no server limitations (concurrent downloads, download limits, etc). This results in heavy traffic. If it says the server is busy, just hit refresh a few times and it'll come up. Or wait another hour or so until the servers calm down.

I'm not hosting this myself because I know it would kill my bandwidth. So it's up on Rapidshare. Let me know if it goes down and I'll re-upload it.

Keep in mind this was ripped from the stream, so it isn't the best quality, but it's listenable.

I do, however, really like the song. Thoughts?