Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

So... after giving this a good few listens, I can honestly say that I enjoy this record. It's Transatlanticism-meets-The Postal Service.

Here are some comments/thoughts on the new record:

- "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is easily one of the best songs Ben has ever written.
- I like how they re-recorded "Stability." It sounds excellent.
- It's a little short. Most songs clock in around 3:30... so multiply that by 11 and you have a relatively short record, especially when compared to the epic Transatlanticism.
[EDIT] I guess I should clarify a little. They are both about the same length, time-wise, but Plans feels very disjointed and brief. I like most of the songs, It just doesn't doesn't flow as well, at least when compared to the (IMO much better) Transatlanticism.
- Highlights are the afformentioned "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," "Brothers on a Hotel Bed," Marching Bands of Manhattan," "Someday You Will Be Loved," and "Summer Skin."
- Lowlights are the blase' "Soul Meet's Body" and oddly grating "Crooked Teeth".
- Ben's falsetto seems a little overused.
- Despite what some people think, I think the production sounds great. Chris Walla is a great producer and I think it shows. Ben's voice is a little hidden/muddy at times, but it's all good to me.

Overall, it's not my favorite by DCfC, but it's enjoyable. It does make me excited for a new Postal Service though...

Anyone have any thoughts/comments?