Sufjan Stevens Live @ Judson College

So, I know people love this man (*cough*ME*cough*), and that this show isn't very widely available, so I thought I'd make it available.

This is from his solo show at Judson College on November 19th, 2003. It's a great set and includes a few rarities, like "Lakes of Canada," "Borderline," and "Opie's Funeral Song." This is a great show, so make sure you grab it.

EDIT - Ok.. so these mp3s have helped kill my bandwidth.. so I'm gonna take them down. I'll upload them to rapidshare later.

MP3 The One I Love (REM Cover)
MP3 Opie's Funeral Song
MP3 Borderline
MP3 Vito's Ordination Song
MP3 Sister
MP3 Seven Swans
MP3 Lakes of Canada
MP3 Rake

This was recorded straight off the soundboard, so the quality is GREAT. Sorry that the show is out of order, as I'm not really sure of the right order, but I'm sure you're ok with that. This is the whole show, including the stories between songs, tuning, etc.

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