Sufjan Stevens Live in San Francisco (7/17/05)

This post is gonna be quick, but I thought I'd at least post these.

I have 2 MP3s for ya. Both are from a recent show in San Francisco by the one and only Sufjan Stevens. I was sent this show by a member of the All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Forum and have been cleaning them up for the last day or so. These are two of the best so far. Keep in mind, however, that the quality is kind of low, but it gives you some idea of what his live show sounds like.

There may be another MP3 or two added tonight, so check it later.

Sufjan Stevens (Live in SF 7/17/05)
MP3 Casimir Pulaski Day (Live)
MP3 A Good Man is Hard to Find (Live)

And remember, the quality is pretty low, but not horrible. I've cleaned the shit of these things and they still aren't sounding great.