Stars Live @ KEXP

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(Sorry for the low quality picture... it's all I could find of their KEXP sessions)

I was looking through the archives over at KEXP and saw that Stars had a few performances up. So, as the stream-ripping junkie that I am, I recorded it. So here, for your listen pleasure are four songs from their April 2, 2005 performance and one song from their March 23, 2003 performance.

God, I love these Canadians.

As always, please right click and save as.

MP3 Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Live @ KEXP 4/2/05)
MP3 Reunion (Live @ KEXP 4/2/05)
MP3 On Peak Hill (Live @ KEXP 4/2/05)
MP3 Calender Girl (Live @ KEXP 4/2/05)

MP3 Look Up (Live @ KEXP 4/2/05)

Well, there ya go. Since I have a bunch of sexy server space, look for cool stuff like this all the time. Enjoy.

Odds and Ends

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan (LINK) and the almighty Stereogum (LINK) for the hot link action. I had record hit numbers yesterday because of it. Thanks go out to those great blogs. Also thanks to recent mentions from South of Mainstream and Gorilla VS Bear. I appreciate the press.