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Luckily, I found these guys through iTunes a few months back. The best I can describe them is that they're a little bit of Wilco's Being There added to some Yo La Tengo. Think late 90's Mojave 3. Their brand of folk/pop is beautiful at times and fun at others. Melodically, it's often like listening to a somber rainy day, offering a sense of subtle longing that Wilco has mastered. These Aussies have been around since '97, so they've got quite a few albums under their belt. In fact they even recorded a set with BBC DJ John Peel. Give these guys a listen.

From 2001's The Hill For Company
MP3 Lushington Hall

Check out their website for more info, music, and even a few music videos.


Odds and Ends

The iTunes release of Sufjan Stevens' latest, Illinois, has two extra tracks: "The Avalanche" and a remix of "Chicago." Both are wonderful. Also, Illinois is number 8 on iTunes' top album list. Props to Sufjan.

On a related note, a new Sufjan Stevens song entitled "The Lord God Bird" will premier today of NPR's All Things Considered at 4:36 and 6:36pm EST. I'll be offering it for download around 5pm or so EST.

*Sixeyes has some solo demos from Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah frontman Alec Ounsworth here.


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