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Some of you may have heard these girls before, but "hey," I thought, "I'll give them some free press." So here's the deal on Smoosh: they're a pair of sisters (ages 11 and 13) that make catchy, upbeat indie/pop. You're probably thinking "oh they're 11 and 13, how good could it be?" Well, it's damn good. These girls know how to make charming, yet simple pop music. The songs range from funny to inspirational to just plain fun and lighthearted. I don't know about you, but when I was like 12 or 13 I spent most of my time playing Super Nintendo and eating Dorritos, not touring with Mates of State and opening for Pearl Jam or Death Cab for Cutie (all of which they've done). Once you get past the initial "awwww" of hearing these two girls croon and wail like rock stars twice their age, you can easily see how talented they really are. Songs like "It's Cold" and "La Pump" really showcase how talented these girls are.

From 2004's She Like Electric
MP3 Pygmy Motorcycle
MP3 It's Cold

VIDEO La Pump (QuickTime required)

They have websites here(Label) and here(Band).


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