Okkrevil River

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I really don't remember where I first heard this wonderful band, but I'm thankful to whoever turned me on to them. Okkervil River is a rock band. They aren't just a normal "Foo Fighters/Queens of the Stone/I rip off Eddie Vedder" rock band though. They're a good rock band. By using elements of folk/roots to create very introspective and rockin' songs, they've created some chilling music. Some may be turned off by the vocals, as singer Will Sheff's vocals aren't exactly the smoothist things around. I'm not calling this a bad thing, however, as his shaking, haunting vocals work perfectly with Okkervil River's style of dark, country music-inspired rock. They've had quite the buzz around them for a while now, so be sure to check them out. They just finished tourning with Rilo Kiley, so look for them to play some shows here-and-there this summer.

From Sleep and Wake Up Songs EP
MP3 A Favor

From Black Sheep Boy
MP3 For Real
MP3 Black

From Live Performance on KEXP (5/18/05)
MP3 The Latest Toughs (Live)
MP3 Some Weird Sin (Live)

VIDEO It Ends With a Fall (QuickTime Required) (15MB)
VIDEO For Real (QuickTime Required) (25MB)

The stream of the session at KEXP is here, so listen to the whole thing if you'd like.

Check out their website if you so please. Buy their music while you're there.


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