Monday Mix #6

It's Monday, so here's the goods:

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1. Stellastarr* - Lost In Time (from Harmonies for the Haunted)
So remember back before there weren't 400 new wave "revival" bands? Well, back in 2003 (was that really all the way back in 2003? Whoa...) Stellastarr* came onto the scene with their (now not so) distinct "new wave-meets-electro/pop" sound and garnered some pretty moderate critical attention. I don't know about anyone else, but I freakin loved the few songs I had heard at the time. So fast foward to 2005 and they aren't so distinct anymore. That doesn't really make them bad though... right? Well their forthcoming full length, Harmonies for the Haunted is more of the same dance/80's/synth pop. This isn't entirely like everything else though, managing to pay respects to the works of Robert Smith and David Bryne, while channeling their great energy and catchiness. It's good stuff.

2. The National - Mr. November (from Alligator)
I've been pretty much hooked on two bands/artists as of late: Sufjan Stevens and the National. The National have such a great sound: it's like driving indie rock... with a lighter touch then you'd expect. Singer Matt Berninger's dyanamic baritone is unique and definitive, giving even more depth to band that has written some great songs (see: "Wasp Nest," "Abel," "Trophy Wife," etc.).

3. The Get Up Kids - Campfire Kansas (from On A Wire)
I think I'll always have a place in my heart for The Get Up Kids. Yes, it's a little whiny. And yes, it's a little generic. But so what? It never really tried to be anything more then what it really was at it's core: emotional punk-laced rock. Matt Pryor is a great performer and can write some really enjoyable songs. "Campfire Kansas" is probably my favorite song ever by TGUK, and it never ceases to remind me of summer; and in the greatest way.

4. Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes (Live) (from Live Performance @ KEXP)
The first time I heard of Cary Brothers, I admit, was through Zach Braff's great film Garden State. This song was one of the best on the great soundtrack (right there with Frou Frou's "Let Go" and Colin Hay's "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You") filled with wonder songs. This is a live version of the afforementioned tune from Brothers' appearence/performance at KEXP. Enjoy.

EDIT: Sorry.. I linked to the wrong song. The actual Wolf Parade song is now up.

5. Wolf Parade - Grounds for Divorce (from Apologies to the Queen Mary)
There's a lot of hype surrounding these guys and for good measure. They've had a write-up in The New York Times, have shared the stage with Modest Mouse, have gotten (proverbial) hand-job and after hand-job from the indie rock world's biggest critics. They aren't gonna change your life like some bands supposedly can (*cough*ClapYourHandandSayYeah!*cough*), but they're damn good at what they do. It's a little bit of 80's infused indie/pop, in the vane of Moon and Antartica-era Modest Mouse. It's enjoyable, even it if won't change your life.*

*Please ignore my blatant use of sarcasm in this paragraph about CYHSY!... I'm really, really tired...

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Feist Live @ KEXP
Sufjan Steven Live @ KEXP
A few live Sufjan Tracks from Yesterday's show in San Francisco.
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Odds and Ends

You Ain't No Picasso pointed out to me that you can stream the entire (!) new Page France album Hello Dear Wind. It's all over at their Purevolume page. Have I mentioned how much I freakin love these guys? I can't wait for this one...

Use a Mac? Want to try a neat "new" broswer? I'm personally gonna pimp out Shiira, an open source browser that uses the Safari rendering engine. It's stable, fast, and has a lot of neat features like Safari Bookmark recognition (it'll read your Safari bookmarks without even importing them!!). Give it try.

Cliptip, a music video blog, posted M83's video for "Don't Save Us From the Flames" the other day. The link is here.