Monday Mix #5

Here's the good ole Monday Mix. I'm gonna start making them 5 songs every week now, just cus it's easier to assemble. However, I will be offering all of the songs individually for download, thanks to my new server space and bandwidth.

Remember, please "right click and save as."

Here's the goods:

1. Matt Pond PA - New Hampshire (Live @ KEXP)
Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Matt Pond PA. Here's one of their most well known songs (thanks to the O.C.) performed live for those wonderful people over at KEXP.

2. Sufjan Stevens - The 50 States Song (Live @ Lee's Palace)
This anthem is a must have for any Sufjan fan. It's clever (with the great line "Visit Nebraska, there's nothing to do!") and very Sufan-ish in it's beauty. Download it. Now.

3. The Mountain Goats - Golden Jackal Song (From New Asian Cinema)
I love John Darnielle. His songs are poignant and a graceful, even with his sharp pronounciation. This is kind of an oldie, but I love it. It's classic Mountain Goats.

4. Marzuki - Newmantra (from No One Likes a Nervous Wreck)
This is Sufjan Stevens' old band. They're really quite good. Sufjan played the whistles and accordian, among others. It's beautiful folk/indie music. If you like Sufjan, you should like Marzuki.

5. The New Amsterdams - Strangled By the Thought (All I Want Is You) (From Killed or Cured Demos)
Yea, I know, I'm a sucker for an emotional acoustic song. Matt Pryor will always have a piece of my heart for his role in the Get Up Kids. However, since they are no more, I'll take The New Amsterdams. With all their Folk/Americana/Emo/Indie goodness.

Tomorrow I'll be uploading another KEXP performance from one of my favorite bands. Who? Well... they're Canadian if that helps any.


Odds and Ends

Holy crap... I've mentioned on one of my favorite music blogs: Brooklyn Vegan.

If you love Sufjan Stevens, join All Good Naysayers, a great new message board. There are live show downloads and a bunch of useless info. Plus, yours truly is a Mod.