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I really don't know why it took me so long to mention this wonderful band. I've been in love with this band and their chamber indie/pop music for a while now. Maybe it's my obsession with the cello, or maybe it's singer Matt Pond's wonderfully abrasive voice, but there was a period of time where I exclusively listened to these guys. A lot of their songs are musically upbeat, with simple driving bass lines and tap-your-foot-along-with-the-beat drums. Some, however, are beautiful and longing, relying heavily on the cello to push along the melody. Pond writes a majority of his songs about the wilderness and nature, with many references to lakes, trees, fire, and the weather. He imposes a beautiful sense of lonliness in a lot of his songs, paralleling the lonliness of a vast open stretch of wilderness. That sounds a little cliche' but he pulls it off really well. They've made an appearence (musically) on the O.C. and on the O.C. Mix Volume 4, and even have a wonderful cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Airplane Over the Sea." Expect a new full length from them by the end of year. I reccomend checking out "Promise the Bite" and "Measure 3," two of my favorite songs.

From Deer Apartments
MP3 Possibilities of Summer

From The Nature of Maps
MP3 Closer

From Measure
MP3 The Hollows

From The Green Fury
MP3 Measure 3

From This Is Not The Green Fury
MP3 Lily One

From Emblems
MP3 Graves Disease

From Winter Songs EP
MP3 In the Airplane Over the Sea

From Live Performance in Middle East, MA - 10.12.2001
MP3 Promise the Bite (Live)

From @ KEXP Session
MP3 KC (Live)

Check out their neat website here and buy their music at Insound.


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