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I never really liked Dredg. They were a little too abrasive for me. But wow, is their new stuff good. Catch Without Arms is epic and haunting, with soaring guitars and vocals. This is the stuff of a well matured band. Musicially, I'm a little reminded of Muse or Mew, with guitar and vocal parts soaring with a sense of airy disregard. I was even a little reminded of Lovedrug when listening to a few songs ("Catch Without Arms"), which sure as hell isn't a band thing in my mind. Dredg is sexy progressive-rock that can easily appeal to people who aren't fans of it. Give it a listen.

From 2005's Catch Without Arms
MP3 Catch Without Arms
MP3 Ode to the Sun

Check out their website for more info.

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Odds and Ends

First off, thanks to Gorilla Vs. Bear for the mention.

As you might have heard, Q and Not U are disbanding at the end of this summer. Lame.

"Soul Meets Body" will be the first single Death Cab for Cutie's major label debut, Plans, out August 30th.

Hollywood makes me a little sick sometimes. (Via Pink is the New Blog)

There are multiple Flickr albums with pictures from Thursday's terrorist attacks in London here and here. The pictures are very haunting and poignant, like many of the images that followed 9/11. (Via Boing Boing)

Daily Torrents

Music from the O.C. Volume 5
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire**
Bright Eyes - When the President Talks to God (Video)**

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