A Brief Update...

Sorry for the server woes... everything is back up again and hopefully it'll stay that way.

I've been really busy the last few days and have my attention elsewhere, so I'll keep this one short. Tomorrow should see the start of normal posting again.

Also, make sure you check out the new Death Cab for Cutie song I posted, it's really pretty good. Definitely better than "Soul Meets Body."

So here are a few random songs I'm really digging.

MP3 Xn - Vito's Ordination Song (Live)(Sufjan Stevens' Cover)

MP3 Marzuki - No One Likes a Nervous Wreck (from No One Likes a Nervous Wreck)

MP3 Matt Pond PA - Grave's Disease (Live) (From live performance at KEXP)

There ya go... just a quick update. More to come tomorrow.