Bach Cello Suites

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Also, I'm going to start only keeping things up for about a week or so. I'll keep important things up for a long time (like the Sufjan Stevens stuff and for now, the National Live @ KEXP), so don't worry about stuff like that.

But anyways, on to today's post:

Ok, so this is a little different than usual, but that's a good thing right? As some of you may know, I love classical music. It's amazing and is way to underappreciated by people my age (late teens, early twenties). Everyone has their focus on the indie scene or hip/hop or country, and just ignores the beauty of classical music. Most of you should know by know that I love the cello. It's an amazing instrument with a gorgeous and powerfully emotional sound. So, needless to say, classical music + cello = awesome. And thats where today's entry comes in. Here are a few of my favorite Bach cello pieces performed by the amazing Yo-Yo Ma. These works are somber and haunting, giving off an unnerving amount of emotion for only being performed by a single cello. Definitely an example of beautiful classical music.

From The Cello Suites: Inspired by Bach
MP3 Suite No. 2, Prelude
MP3 Suite No. 3, Gigue
MP3 Suite No. 5 in C Minor - Allemande

You can buy some wonderful music by Yo-Yo Ma here.