Windsor for the Derby

Today's update will be somewhat smaller then past ones as I work a nice 7 hr shift today. But here ya go:

FEATURED: Windsor for the Derby

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A few nights ago as I was scowering Secretly Canadian's website for information and pictures on Antony and the Johnsons, I checked out a few of the other bands the label had to offer. The one that stood out was Windsor for the Derby. I guess the best way to describe their music would be to call it "slighty skewed indie/pop." While not as upbeat and "poppy" as say Belle & Sebastian their sound still maintains the kind of charm that the indie/pop genre is known to produce. Their songs come off somewhat awkward, but not in a way that doesn't feel intentional. Definitely worth checking out. Their 6th full length Giving Up The Ghost is out August 16th on Secretly Canadian.

From 2004's We Fight Till Death
Image hosted by Photobucket.comMelody of A Fallen Tree
Image hosted by Photobucket.comA Spring Like Sixty

Check out their page here and buy their music while you're there. Also, there's a nice fan site with photos, tour info, and more mp3's here.


Odds and Ends

VH1 has a very well done summary of last weekend's Bonnaroo Festival (via Stereogum).

Big Brother really is getting out of control. Although it is nice to see this happening.

Don't get me wrong, Coldplay's new album, X & Y, is very well done, but I just find it kind of boring. I guess the 730,000+ who bought it the first week don't though.

The reviews for Batman Begins just keep getting better and better.


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Paul Anka - Rock Swings
Miles Davis - Live in Berlin 10-29-1983**

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Volcano, I'm Still Excited! - "In Green"
The Elected - "Greetings in Braille"
Iron and Wine - "Woman King"