Two Short Reviews

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah - S/T

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At their best, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah emit the same kind of energy that the Talking Heads did. And that's a really big compliment. Their debut album (which is ingeniously self-titled) gives off a very comforting sense of awkward reassurance; the kind Neutral Milk Hotel still gives me. About 3/4 of the album The other 1/4, however, bores the crap out of me. Sort of the same way The Mars Volta does. But when they're on, THEY'RE ON. Their best is better then most of what I've heard this year, even with the occasional down spot. Yeah, I know... I know, everyone and their Mom are raving about these guys, but it's for good measure. These guys are for real so be sure to check them out.

RATING: 8.5/10

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIs This Love?

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The Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

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I was trying to figure out what exactly to say about this album and I kept thinking of the same word: crap. It's boring and overdone and just more of the same boring radio rock. The acoustic CD is a lot better, but that isn't saying much. I would upload a song, but I deleted it from my computer right after I was finished listening. The only thing keeping it from being a 1, is the decent acoustic CD. If you're going to listen to any part, make sure it's that. Otherwise don't bother. Trust me, pass this one up.

RATING: 3/10

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Odds and Ends

It looks like "Indie-Yuppie" has finally become a genre. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

*Sixeyes is all fresh and new... and still one of my favorite music blogs.

Noel Gallagher (of Oasis) must have eaten paint chips as a child.