Snow Machine

Here we go, post #2.

FEATURE: Snow Machine

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Maybe it's my love for peppy pop music or maybe it's Katherine McElroy's beautiful voice, but Snow Machine makes me feel all warm inside. Elroy's foray into pop music has resulted in a combination of musically upbeat, yet lyrically dark, pop ballads about love, and well, love. The combination results is something that not only gets your foot tappingly good, but also quite introspective. Elroy sings on "Birmingham:" Your eyes are tired/You're not the boy I knew/Birmingham is slowly killing you/So tell her I'm the one you left behind/And I'll be hear in case you change your mind/Goodbye, showing that this is definitely not a collection of feel-good pop songs; rather, this is a collection of well-made and honest piano-driven ballads.
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Odds and Ends

The Russian Futurists were recently held up at the U.S./Canadian border while on their tour with Caribou and The Junior Boys, causing them to miss a few shows. Apparently the mix up was caused by some miscommunication when it came to their work visas. Pitchfork has the full story here.

Speaking of Pitchfork, they have an interesting article on video game music here called "John Cage's XBox."

I've always known Joe Simpson (the Father/Manager of his daughters Ashlee and Jessica) was creepy, but this just kind of scares me.

In my late-night blog browsing last night, I stumbled upon an awesome video of Matt and Rivers of (early) Weezer performing a version of "Undone/The Sweater Song." So what makes it so special? Matt lays down some fly gangsta rap during the verses. You Ain't No Picasso has the video here.

Daily Torrents

Kanye West - Freshman Adjustment
Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger
The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan