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Hanalei is the solo project of Brian Moss (formerly of The Ghost). It's good. VERY GOOD. Blend some folk, americana, indie, and pop with a little bit of electronica and you have Hanalei. Charming pop songs are his specialty. We Are All Natural Disasters, his newest release (and his only full length), is a great collection of songs about dissention, strife, love, and even marriage. Lyrically, he's "sweetly" honest, straying from cliche's and metaphors; instead relying on very common phrasing and structure. When he sings he sounds like he's reciting a story from his own life, not just a singing a song. All of his songs are based around his vocals and an acoustic guitar, with electronic beats and bloops acting as his band. Great if you're into The Shins or The Postal Service.

From We Are All Natural Disasters
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Check out his website and buy his music.

Odds and Ends

Wow. I guess the big music news for the day is that Billy Corgan is going to revive the Smashing Pumpkins.

Ashmatic Kitty has the new Sufjan Stevens CD, Come On! Feel the Illinoise! for sale for only $10. It's definitely my favorite album so far this year.

Tom Cruise needs to get a sense of humor.

Daily Torrents

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