Denison Witmer

Short entry today, but it's quality over quantity right?

Denison Witmer

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I guess you could consider Denison Witmer a singer/songwriter. You know, the "one guy with his guitar" type thing. The thing is, using such a simple title doesn't do his beautiful folk/rock music justice. His music is in the same vein as Sufjan Stevens, Damien Jurado, and Pedro the Lion, and interestingly enough, can easily be described as a combination of all three. He has the hushed, folk sensibility of Stevens, the sincerity of Jurado, and the religious metaphor laced lyrics of Pedro the Lion. His musical style can be seen by looking at his self-professed influences: Red House Painters and Graham Nash. Witmer's song are soft and elegant, staying close enough to his folk inspired roots, but he keeps his music accessible enough to grab all kinds of listeners. Witmer's a great talent and is worth checking out.

From 2002's Philadelphia Songs
Image hosted by Photobucket.com24 Turned 25

From 2004's The River Bends and Flows Into the Sea
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAre You lonely

Check out his website here and buy his music here.

Odds and Ends

This made me laugh pretty hard. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

Um... should this be taken seriously.

The Go! Team will be remixing their latest release Thunder, Lightning, Strike for it's American release.